Mira Bhayandar: Cops Recover Bag With ₹1.65 Lakh Valuables Left Behind in Autorickshaw Within Hours

Mira Bhayandar: Chances of recovering your valuables left behind in a taxi, auto, or any other mode of public transport are grim nowadays. However, policemen from the traffic department went the extra mile to find and return a bag that a passenger had left behind in an auto-rickshaw in Bhayandar within a few hours on Friday. The purse contained gold ornaments and a mobile, collectively worth more than Rs. 1.65 lakh.

According to the police, the passenger identified as Harsh Ajit Shah (31) is a resident of Gandhi Nagar in Gujarat. He came to Mumbai, alighted from an express train at Borivali railway station, and proceeded to Bhayandar in a local train. He hired an auto-rickshaw from the railway station to reach his relative’s home located in the 60-feet road area in Bhayandar (west) at around 8:10 am. However, he forgot to take his bag along and realised this only after the auto had left the scene.

After an unsuccessful attempt to locate the vehicle in the vicinity, he informed on-duty traffic policeman Narsingh Chavhan, who, along with his team, immediately swung into action and traced the auto-rickshaw within a couple of hours, finding the bag intact. The bag was returned by Police Inspector (Traffic) Devidas Handore to the rightful owner, who thanked the police for their quick response.

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