Lucknow : Man Rapes Dog At Residence, Disgusting Video Caught On Camera

Lucknow: In a deplorable incident of animal cruelty that took place in Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow, a person identified as Sambhu Dayal Srivastava was seen engaging in an act of unnatural sex with a dog. A shocking video surfaced on micro-blogging site X (formerly known as Twitter), in which the person identified is seen inserting his fingers in the dog’s anal. The video of the incident is said to have come to light on November 8. The man seen in the video also raped the dog at his residence, according to the complaint filed by an NGO.

The video came to the notice of Shaba Bano, an officer working at the NGO – Society For Animal Welfare. She immediately shot a letter to the Saadatganj Police in Lucknow and informed the police in detail about the disgusting incident.

However, as per a journalist who shared the video as well as the letter of complaint by the NGO, no action was taken in the matter so far.

Contents of the letter

As the contents of the letter show, the complaint was filed on the very day the video came to light on November 8 (Wednesday).

Repeat offender

The report also mentions how the person seen in the video is a repeat offender and has often been spotted or seen performing the illegal and morally bankrupt act of sexually exploiting the dog. There was no word from the police on the case till the time of publishing this copy.

UP: Mare gangraped by 7 in Bareilly, accused arrested

This incident also bring back to memory the haunting incident in which a female horse or mare was gangraped by seven people in UP’s Bareilly in October this year. However, action was taken in that case and the accused were arrested within hours of outrage.

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