Mumbai: Major Railway Infrastructure Upgrade Completed On Khar Road-Goregaon Line

In a significant milestone for Mumbai’s suburban railway network, the 6th Line between Khar Road and Goregaon, spanning 8.8 kilometers, has been successfully commissioned. This achievement follows meticulous preparation, with a block of 30 nights and the main block of 29 nights, culminating in a speed trial conducted at an impressive 112 kmph.

The meticulous project’s highlights

The project involved the insertion of 12 turnouts and 3 trap points on the running 5th Line, down fast line, and up fast lines during night blocks lasting 5 hours daily, from October 7th to November 4th. Additionally, 8 new turnouts were introduced on the new 6th Line, while 9 existing turnouts and 3 traps were dismantled from the existing lines.

A key highlight of the project was the independent connectivity of the 5th and 6th lines (now referred to as DN and UP, respectively) to Bandra Terminus Yard. This was achieved through the slewing of 700 meters of existing track and the dismantling of 5 points, including 1 diamond crossing. The project saw the use of various machinery, including T-28, UNIMAT, Duomatic, UTV, hydraulic cranes, and JCBs, among others.

Other developments encompassing the project

Beyond the rail infrastructure, the endeavor also encompassed a host of other developments. A total of 27 new Foot Over Bridges (FOBs) were constructed to replace existing ones, mitigating any disruptions. Additionally, 192 flats were built to replace existing railway quarters. The project also involved the construction of 6 new electronic interlocking buildings, 2 new Train Signal Stations (TSS) buildings, 3 booking offices, and other associated facilities.

Relocation of 607 project-affected families

An essential aspect of the project was the relocation of 607 project-affected families, with alternative housing provided to ensure their well-being. Furthermore, 990 trees were either transplanted or cut down as part of the infrastructure expansion. The acquisition of private land at Vile Parle, which entailed the shifting of 3 residents, marked a crucial point in the project’s execution.

“The successful completion of this ambitious railway project marks a significant step forward in improving the efficiency and capacity of Mumbai’s suburban rail network, benefiting countless commuters and contributing to the city’s transportation infrastructure development,” said an official of WR.

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