Kangana Ranaut’s Tejas Shows CANCELLED After Zero Ticket Sales In Mumbai, Surat

Kangana Ranaut’s film Tejas was released recently on October 27, 2023. The story revolves around the journey of Tejas Gill, an Air Force pilot, played by Ranaut. The film failed at the box office and also opened to negative reviews from the audience.

Due to this, theatre owners decided to cancel the shows of Tejas in its first week itself due to zero ticket bookings across India. According to Bollywood Hungama, Kirtibhai T Vaghasia, who runs The Friday Cinema multiplex in Surat, revealed the reason why he had to cancel the 15 shows of Tejas.

“Not a single show of Tejas has been played in my theater. There were zero bookings. On Friday, I gave one whole audi to Tejas and decided to play six shows as it’s just 2 hours long. But due to no audience, I decided to play three shows of Tejas on Saturday”, he said.

He added that they have a policy where they play a show only if there are 10 patrons. However, with Tejas, they assumed that at least 4-5 viewers might come for some shows, but it did not happen, and the same was repeated on Sunday. Thus, they had to replace Tejas’ shows with Vijay’s Leo in his theatre.

Manoj Desai, who runs G7 Multiplex in Mumbai, also said that they managed to get only 100 viewers, while for the rest of the shows, it was less than 100. Vishek Chauhan, who owns Roopbani Cinema in Bihar called Tejas an “unmitigated disaster” and said that for the first time in 2023, the morning shows in his theatre were cancelled due to zero ticket sales as there were only 20–30 people in the rest of the shows.

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