Punjab : Teacher Hits Student, Tosses Him On Car Bonnet And Parades Man For 10 Km In Kapurthala

A student taking private coaching in the Sultanpur Lodhi area of Kapurthala, Punjab was attacked by a teacher over a personal enmity between the two parties on Thursday. The victim was identified as Harmanpreet Singh, a student studying for IELTS. He was hit by a speeding car run by a teacher named Baljinder Singh followed by brutal treatment given to him.

More details from the incident

The shocking incident took place on October 26 when Harmanpreet was standing on the roadside near the Sahlapur Bet village of the state. Reportedly, a speeding car hit him and tossed him on the car’s bonnet and roof. The driver who is a teacher didn’t stop the vehicle after the mishap but continued to drive with the man hanging on the car’s front. It is said that Baljinder mercilessly dragged the student for about ten kilometers.

Victim admitted

Injured Singh was admitted to a local government hospital for medical attention.

Local media claimed that the incident took place due to an old enmity between the two people. Furthermore, the teacher was said to have criminal tendencies along with a few cases already running against him. However, the reason behind him not being arrested was unclear.

Police action follows

Police action has been initiated in this regard and the CCTV footage is being checked for details. Meanwhile, the accused too has been admitted allegedly after the student’s close contacts retaliated by breaking his car’s window.

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