Delhi Shocker: Cop Thrown In Air By Speeding SUV During Checking At Connaught Place

Delhi: A Delhi Police constable posted at the police picket in Central Delhi’s Connaught Place area was badly hit by an SUV car. The incident took place on Tuesday last week (Oct 17). However, the CCTV footage of the horrific accident has surfaced on the internet in recent times.

The impact of the collision captured by the security camera in the area, shows the horrifying moment when the constable was hit and tossed into the air before crashing onto the busy road. His injuries included wounds to his leg and head, highlighting the severity of the impact.

Caught on Camera: Speeding SUV Flees the Scene

The surveillance footage showed the constable diligently checking a vehicle at the checkpost when the speeding SUV recklessly ploughed into him, continuing its path through the barricades without stopping. The SUV didn’t stop at just injuring the constable; it reportedly also rammed into another vehicle stationed at the checkpost.

Swift Police Response and Arrest

Despite the hit-and-run attempt, the Delhi Police quickly sprung into action. Traffic police personnel pursued the fleeing SUV, eventually apprehending the driver. “The driver tried to flee the scene after the accident but we caught him,” the police confirmed. The injured constable, was swiftly transported to the hospital and has since been discharged after receiving medical care.

Legal Action And Ongoing Investigation

Local police wasted no time in initiating legal proceedings against the reckless driver. A case has been registered, and a comprehensive investigation is underway to uncover the full extent of the incident and bring justice to the injured constable.

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