‘Dad, I Killed 10 Jews’: Hamas Terrorist Calls Father After Killing Jewish Woman And Her Husband, Dials Using Her Phone; Ruthless Audio

An audio clip of a Hamas terrorist talking to his father after killing Jews during the Israel-Palestine conflict has surfaced online and online viral. It ruthlessly records the son boasting about his murders to the parent followed by him receiving blessings for his doings. The man narrated to his father about how he killed a Jewish woman and her husband with his bare hands at Miflasim, an Israeli Kibbutz. Later, he said using the murdered woman’s phone: “I killed 10 Jews.” To this, the father said, “Allah Hu Akbar.”

Terrorist ‘proudly’ tells father about his killings

The phone call started with the son greeting his father and excitedly sharing what he had ‘achieved.’ He said, “Dad, I’m calling you from Miflasim… Your son just killed Jews, dad. I’m calling from a phone of a Jew and I just killed her and her husband with my own hands.” “I killed 10 with my hands. Open WhatsApp and see how many I killed,” he adds while urging his father to purportedly check the visuals of the murdered.

Highlights from the Israel-Hamas war

Hamas terrorists launched a surprise attack on Israel on October 7 with thousands of rockets invading the Israeli territory. On the same date, Israel declared war against the Palestinian militant groups led by Hamas. Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu released a video on social media and said: “Israel is at war…Hamas will understand that by attacking us, they have made a mistake.”

Reportedly, as of October 24, the ongoing war has led to a death toll of nearly 5,800 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and more than 1,400 people in Israel. Meanwhile, Gaza has been hit by a humanitarian crisis with its 2.3 million people population running out of basic amenities such as food, water, and medicine since Israel sealed off the territory following the devastating Hamas attack.

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