Uttar Pradesh: Prisoner Goes Live On Facebook From Police Van In Mahoba, Threatens His Enemies

Mahoba: In a shocking incident that came to light from Uttar Pradesh’s Mahoba has raised concerns over the illicit privileges afforded to inmates in the state. A prisoner, while en route to a court hearing, broadcasted a live video on Facebook using his mobile device, issuing threats to his enemies. The video swiftly gained traction online, prompting a reaction from the law enforcement agencies.

Kartoos Yadav went live on Facebook from a police van

The viral Facebook Live video, dated October 21, features Lokendra, also known as Kartoos Yadav, a resident of Pandhari village under the jurisdiction of Sumerpur police station area in Hamirpur district. Yadav is incarcerated at Mahoba sub-jail in connection with a case of murder. According to Jailer Shiv Murat Singh, on October 21, Yadav had a scheduled court appearance at the ADJ/Fast Track Court II in Hamirpur district. He was escorted in a Vajra vehicle provided by the police department, under the supervision of SI Shashank Dev, Head Constable Arvind Arya, Koshlendra Mishra, and Constable Kamlesh Kumar.

This unexpected development left his Facebook acquaintances astounded

As Yadav was en route in the Vajra vehicle, he initiated a Facebook Live broadcast using his mobile device, proceeding to issue threats to his adversaries. This unexpected development left his Facebook acquaintances astounded. Subsequently, someone recorded the Facebook Live video and disseminated it widely. The incident raised serious concerns about law and order, as it was unprecedented for a prisoner en route to a hearing to conduct a live broadcast on a public platform like Facebook. The video’s virality triggered a significant reaction within the police department.

Investigation underway

Jailer Shiv Murat Singh, in light of the incident, has emphasized that the prisoner executed the Facebook Live stream while leaving the jail premises for the hearing. He asserts that the responsibility for this occurrence lies outside the purview of the jail administration. The mechanism by which the prisoner accessed and utilised a mobile device for a Facebook Live broadcast is currently under investigation.

It is disconcerting that a high-risk accused individual could conduct a Facebook Live

It is disconcerting that a high-risk accused individual could conduct a Facebook Live broadcast without reservation while on the way to a court appearance. The reticence of those accountable, even in acknowledging the incident, let alone taking action, is perplexing. This situation casts a shadow on the operational protocols of law enforcement. The possession and use of a mobile phone by an inmate within a correctional facility, to conduct a Facebook Live broadcast, exposes a serious lapse in security both within and beyond the confines of the jail. This breach could potentially lead to a significant criminal event in the future.

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