Bengaluru: 2-Bike Borne Miscreants Break Window Of Parked BMW Car, Make Away With ₹13.75 Lakh

Bengaluru: In a case of daylight robbery in Bengaluru, showing the lack of fear for law and order, two bike-borne miscreants not only smashed the window of a parked BMW car but also stole Rs 13.75 lakh from inside the car.

After the video of the incident went viral, a case was filed at the Sarjapur Police Station into the robbery case.

The incident took place on Friday (October 20) and was caught on CCTV camera.

The video shows one of the miscreants breaking the window of a BMW X5 car. After that, the miscreant gained access to the cash kept inside the BMW while his accomplice is seated on a motorcycle. Both the miscreants then flee from the scene of robbery, doing away with the cash.

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