Adopt MVA’s Climate Plan, Congress Tells Maharashtra Government Over Deteriorating Air Quality In Mumbai

Mumbai: The air quality index of Mumbai has surpassed the danger level in the past few days, which has Mumbaikars suffering from respiratory problems. The Mumbai Regional Congress Committee (MRCC) has provided an action plan for Mumbaikars to combat air pollution.

The Mumbai unit led by Varsha Gaikwad on Thursday demanded that the government implement the Mumbai Climate Action Plan prepared by the erstwhile Maha Vikas Aghadi regime. She said the action plan should not be ignored just because it was prepared by the MVA government.

“The state government should at least take into account the views of the opposition parties in matters of public interest,” she said. “A few years ago, Delhi had the worst air quality level, but Mumbai has overtaken the capital. The heat and humidity has also increased due to smog. This is affecting the health of Mumbaikars and there has been an increase in respiratory diseases.”

According to research by NEERI and IIT-Bombay, more than 71% of Mumbai’s air pollution is caused by dust blown from roads or construction. The rest is generated by factories, power plants, airports and garbage dumps.

According to the MVA’s climate action plan, measures can be taken on planning of construction hours, implementation of air and noise pollution rules at construction sites, creation of eco-parks in various areas and scientific disposal of waste at dumping grounds.

“The government should not endanger Mumbaikars’ health for petty politics and should seriously consider implementing the plan. Children and senior citizens are also suffering due to the existing situation,” Gaikwad said

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