Toll Plaza Employees Attacked, Beaten Over Stopping Car For Payment In Greater Noida

Greater Noida: In a shocking incident that came to light from Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida, a fight broke out between goons and toll plaza employees on Wednesday (October 18) as the goons attempted to forcibly evade toll payment at National Highway 91. A fight broke out at the toll plaza after an altercation erupted when the toll booth employees present on the spot attempted to thwart the goons’ attempts to abscond without paying the toll fees. The incident was caught on CCTV camera installed at the toll plaza and the video is doing rounds on social media.

They also damaged the toll booth’s equipment

The situation worsened after the miscreants physically assaulted the security staff present at the toll plaza and attempted to seize the gun that was held by the security personnel after they tried to stop the vehicle for the payment of toll fees. They also damaged the toll booth’s equipment in their bid to escape the toll. It can be seen in the video that the goons attempted to pass the vehicle at the toll plaza without paying the fees and also broke the boom present at the toll plaza.

The incident occurred at the Luharli Toll Plaza

The incident occurred at the Luharli Toll Plaza in Dadri on NH 91 under the Dadri Police Station Area. The goons assaulted the security personnel and forcibly made the vehicle pass the toll booth without paying the fees. As per reports, the toll booth manager claims that the locals force the tool employees to let their private vehicles pass through the toll without paying the amount.

Case registered in connection with the matter

The manager also said that the farmers union also force the toll booth employees to let the commercial vehicles to cross the toll without paying the money. He said that they threaten to beat the employees if their vehicles were stopped for payment at the toll booth. The police has registered a complaint in connection with the matter after the video went viral on social media.

The case occurred under Dadri police station area

The police said, “FIR has been registered at Dadri police station, investigative proceedings are underway.” They also said “The matter is in the cognizance of Dadri police station, a case has been registered and necessary legal action is being taken.”

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