Israeli Guest Fumes Over TV News Anchor’s ‘Green, Red & Black Saree’ While Discussion On Israel-Hamas War

“In war, truth is the first casualty,” goes the famous phrase. After what happened on a TV news discussion, one might add colour to that phrase too. Fredric Landau, a Former Israeli Special Forces official, appearing on a TV news programme on the channel ‘Mirror Now’, got all worked up over the “colours” that the anchor Shreya Dhoundial was wearing and ended up lecturing the anchor. The entire incident happened on live TV on the day when attack on a Gaza hospital dominated headlines in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, with both sides blaming each other for the attack that killed over 500 people including children. The discussion on the news programme was also about US President Joe Biden’s visit to Isreal.

“I can see the colours you are wearing today, that’s why I am purposely wearing blue and white, because with all due respect, that the green, the red and the black which you are purposely wearing this evening…blue and white will always prevail,” said Fredric Landau.

The anchor, in her dignified response, says “Let’s not divide colours, on the basis of religion, it sometimes happens in my country as well. Let me tell you Fredric, this saree belongs to my grandmother. If she would have been alive, she would have been 105 years old today.”

“What I am wearing right now is simply my grandmother’s saree, it signifies nothing else,” says the anchor. “Save it for a different occasion,” says Fredric.

The anchor also took to Twitter and shared the clip of the incident with the caption, “My Dear Departed Grandmother’s Saree Upset My Guest From #Israel This Evening. For Once I Was At A Loss Of Words.”

The anchor also gave it back to the enraged guest by saying that she would not let him dictate what she would wear or say and that truth has many versions and she will continue to speak it the way she sees the entire incident.

Netizens applauded the calm demeanour of the anchor despite the angry outburst by the Israeli guest on the show.

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