Gurugram Crime: Youths Perform Dangerous Stunts With Fireworks On Moving Car

A video showing people inside a car setting off fireworks in Gurugram has gone viral on social media. The incident sparked safety concerns among people and raised questions on the reckless behaviour of the youths involved.

Multiple fireworks were set off

Shared on Thursday, the video shows fireworks being set off from inside the car as other vehicles pass by. Other cars are seen maintaining distance from as multiple fireworks were being set off from the vehicles. The area where the incident happened is reported to Golf Course Road.

Police launch efforts to track down culprits

The Gurugram Traffic Police were alerted, and DCP Virendra Vij said that they have launched efforts to identify the perpetrators. Interestingly, the car’s number plate was obscured, making it difficult to track the culprits down. The police are reviewing CCTV footage from the area to identify the youths.

Mulitple charges expected

Multiple charges are expected to be filed against youths for their dangerous behavior, including violations related to reckless stunting within the car.

Obscured number plate

It seemingly appeared that the people involved in the incident went to great lengths to conceal their car’s number plate, which was partially obscured.

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