Sensational Double Murder Jolts Mumbai As Govandi Girl’s Family Kills Daughter, Son-In-Law Over Interfaith Marriage

Mumbai: A 50-year-old man has been arrested by the police for allegedly killing his own daughter and her husband due to their interfaith marriage. The man, along with his son and his son’s friend plotted the murder. On Saturday, locals alerted the Govandi police about an unknown body found inside a well in the Mankhurd area. According to the postmortem report, the man’s cause of death was a slit neck from a sharp object. The police registered a case and initiated their investigation. The man was later identified as Karan Ramesh Chandra, 22.

Two days later, on Monday, the Panvel police discovered the body of a woman dumped behind the trees. The method of killing was similar to that of the man – a slit on the neck, with the bodies hidden at separate locations. Further investigation revealed the connection between the two victims. The woman was identified as Gulnaaz.

Father, son, son’s friend plot murder

“During inquiries, we discovered that they were a couple from Uttar Pradesh who had arrived a few days before we found the man’s body,” said a police official. Later, it was revealed that Gulnaaz’s father, Gora Khan, 50, had contacted the couple and invited them to Mumbai. Gora Khan, along with his son, Salman Gora Khan, and Salman’s friend Mohammad Khan, plotted to kill the couple as Gulnaaz had married a Hindu man against her family’s wishes, the police stated. To avoid detection, they dumped the bodies in different locations, confessing their actions to the police.

The police arrested the three accused on Tuesday, and they had assistance from Salman’s other underage friends. Three minors have been detained by the police. Charges of murder (section 302) and causing the disappearance of evidence (section 201) have been filed against all the accused. They will be presented in court on Wednesday

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