Mumbai News: Wanted Accused On The Run for Over 40 Years Apprehended In Dongri

Mumbai: The police announced on Friday that a wanted accused from Dongri, who had been on the run for over 40 years, has been apprehended. The accused, Sayyed Taher Sayyed Hasim, was convicted of attempted murder in 1982 by the court. Sayyed was granted parole but failed to return, leading to the court declaring him as an absconder in 1985. Despite several search attempts, he remained elusive, and Sayyed, along with his family, had vacated their residence in Dongri.

A few months ago, the court issued a standing warrant against Sayyed, prompting an extensive search by the Dongri police. Senior Police Inspector Dattary Khade formed a team, led by PSI Shan Sundar Bhise. They initially had limited information, primarily Sayyed’s last-known location in Dongri at Kalyan Mansion, SVP Road. They interviewed individuals in Sayyed’s age group, and after months of investigation, they received a lead – a cemetery.

Raid conducted after 3 days and nights of continuous surveillance

Since Sayyed was an Iranian Shia Muslim, police received a tip that he might visit the Iranian Shia cemetery in Mazgoan (Rehmatabad Kabristan) after his mother’s death. However, this information was five years old, and the police needed more details. Fortunately, after several weeks, they discovered that Sayyed had relocated to Hyderabad, specifically to a place called Erragadda. To pinpoint his location, they required his phone number, which they eventually acquired through discussions with informants.

With his location identified, a team began monitoring his movements in the vicinity. After three days and nights of continuous surveillance, his house was raided with the assistance of the local Borabanda Police, leading to his arrest. Sayyed, who has 12 children, all of whom are working professionals, including a daughter who is a dentist, revealed that he had been living in fear of being apprehended by the police for his past crimes. This fear had led him to move to various locations, including Gulbarga in Karnataka and Telangana, before finally settling in Erragadda.

According to police sources, Sayyed was involved in several criminal activities related to the underworld and contract killings during his youth. His Aadhar Card indicates that he is 65 years old, but he claims that he is now 72. He was presented in court on Friday and remanded to judicial custody.

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