TV Reporter Demonstrates Hamas Attack On Israel By Paragliding On Haryana Sky

An Indian television news channel caught the attention of viewers for closely recreating how Hamas attacked Israel with paragliders. The TV reporter was seen paragliding in Manesar, Haryana to demonstrate to people the scenes from the escalated Israel-Palestine war. The Hamas terrorists recently used the adventure ride to attack Israelis from the sky as they entered the region on motorised paragliders. As the media outlet used paragliders to report the incident, it footage went viral on social media.

‘Next-level’ reporting video goes viral

The reporter identified as Mausami Singh in her news report took a paraglider to illustrate the attack from the warzone. “When Paraglider was made weapon by Hamas…How a fun thing was turned into a terror weapon (translated),” read the text on the news screen.

Singh held a selfie stick in her hand several feet above land, and said facing the camera: “Yahan par aap samajhne ki koshish kijiye, jo pilot hote hain unhe bhi zada training ki zarurat nahi hain (Try understanding that the pilot here doesn’t need much of a training.)” The statement probably was made suggesting why the Hamas terrorists might have resorted to this transport to enter Israel and intensify their attack.

Hamas Attacks Israel By Paragliding

The adventure ride enjoyed during fun trips turned into deadly transport assisting Hamas terrorists to attack Israel. They used paragliders to invade a musical rave party under the cover of missile attacks. After their flight to the Israeli territory, they landed and killed many people dancing there along with taking some as hostages.

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