Mumbai: Young Girl Injured At Ghatkopar Metro Station Due To Barricade Hazard; Incident Sparks Concerns

A young girl sustained injuries on Wednesday while navigating the concourse area of the Ghatkopar Metro Station. Sources indicate that certain portions of the barricade had been removed, leaving old screws on the floor, which ultimately led to her fall.

According to sources, although the Metro administration had taken the precaution of highlighting these screws with markers, the victim failed to notice them for some reason, resulting in her unfortunate fall and subsequent injury.

Metro official assured immediate attention to accident site

In response to inquiries regarding the sufficiency of highlighting risky areas at stations like Ghatkopar, the Metro official defended their actions, citing adherence to international safety norms. Acknowledging the need for further improvements, Metro official assured that immediate attention had been given to the accident site and emphasized their commitment to ensuring that such accidents would not recur in the future.

After this incident, criticism from some passengers has surfaced, particularly regarding the delay in providing primary medical assistance to the injured girl. One passenger, Ajit Rane, expressed concerns on Facebook about the approximately 20-minute wait for medical attention following the accident. However, Metro officials claimed that immediate medical attention was provided to the victim and ensured her safe transport home.

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