Mumbai Airport Supporting Staff One Day Strike

Mumbai Airport which is one of the most busiest Airport in the country has witnessed one of their worse day today. All the Housekeeping workers had called for a strike yesterday since 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM continuously.

Our sources have confined that the contract of Housekeeping is with BVG India Limited since October 2020. The demands of employees for Bonus and wage increments were not addressed since many days. Hence the strike throughout the day was conducted and almost every worker have participated in the strike. This must have gone to notice of higher management of BVG India Limited as well as Adani Group.

Both Domestic and International Airports were under pathetic conditions and hygiene and cleanliness of the premises had gone for a toss. All the washrooms and areas of Internal Airport were not been cleaned which has impacted passengers a lot of inconvenience.

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