Leo Controversy: Background Dancers Of Thalapathy Vijay’s Film Accuse Makers Of Non-Payment Of Dues

The troubles surrounding Thalapathy Vijay’s upcoming film Leo seem to have no end. Amid the raging debate over derogatory words in the film and also the menace of fake tickets, the film is now once again in news, after the background dancers who were a part of Leo complained that the makers did not pay their due.

The background dancers, who were a part of the song Naa Ready in the film, claimed that despite repeated requests, the makers are yet to pay them their full remuneration for their work.

And now, President of Film Employees’ Federation of South India, RK Selvmani, has issued a statement on the entire fiasco.

Leo dancers accuse makers of non-payment of dues

It all came to light after one of the background dancers, named Riyaz Ahmed, shared a video on social media in which he can be seen requesting the makers to pay him his deserved salary.

Not just him, but numerous freelancing dancers who worked in the song, reached the office of the production house, Seven Screen Studio, demanding that their money be paid to them.

However, the makers stated that the decided amount was already sent to the Dancers’ Union, for those who are registered with the organisation.

Film Employees’ Federation of South India issues statement

On October 10, President of Film Employees’ Federation of South India, RK Selvmani, finally broke his silence and explained the entire controversy.

In the statement, he said that a total of 2000 background dancers were involved in the song Naa Ready, out of which, only 600 dancers were registered with the Tamil Nadu Film, Television Dancers & Dance Directors Union (TANTTNNIS). The remaining 1400 freelancing dancers were employed by choreographer Dinesh Master.

Selvmani said that the makers had decided on a sum of Rs 1,750 per day for those dancers who were registered with the union and according to that, a sum of Rs 94,60,500 was deposited in 600 bank accounts.

Apart from that, Rs 10,500 (for six days) per person was credited to the accounts of dancers who weren’t registered with the union.

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