Goregaon SRA Building Fire: Victims Include 12-Year-Old Girl, Who Lost Her Life When Escapees Trod Over Her After Tragedy Occurred

Mumbai: The life of Diya Tushanbar, 12, was tragically cut short in the massive fire that erupted in the Jai Bhawani building in the early hours of Friday morning. She lived with her family on the third floor. As panicked residents rushed to exit the building, she was trampled upon in the melee and lost consciousness and hers was the last body to be taken out of the building.

Victim’s Cousin Narrates Ordeal

Diya’s cousin Kiran Tushambat narrated what had ensued as the fire broke out. “Everyone was panicking and trying to escape. In the process, they accidentally stepped over Diya, who had fallen unconscious, having inhaled smoke. Her sister had asked her to leave with them but she wanted to come out with her mother. The fire brigade arrived more than an hour and a half late, and even though we tried to tell them there was a girl inside, no one listened.

Eventually, they found Diya and hers was ‘the last body to be brought out of the building.’ Diya was a 3rd-grade student at Ravindra Bharati School. Her father, Bishan Tushanbar, is on a ventilator, and her mother Rina, along with her three brothers, are in the ICU. Her parents work as housekeepers. Her sisters are safe.

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