Kolkata Accident : Passenger Bus Hits Car In City’s Salt Lake Area, Dramatically Overturns After Collision; 10 Injured

Kolkata: On Monday morning, the Salt Lake area of Kolkata witnessed a road accident where an over-speeding bus hit a car at a cross junction. The incident was caught on camera and the visuals from the disturbing site have now surfaced online. The video recording of the accident shows a bus dramatically colliding with a car on its route and dragging the vehicle to the other side of the roadway. Within seconds, the passenger bus overturned leaving at least ten injured.

Overtaking and over-speeding leads to mishap

It is said that the bus had 30 people on board when the accident took place around 7 a.m. on October 2. It was reported from the Salt Lake Sector V, an IT hub in the state. Police officials were quoted in media reports as saying that the two buses were trying to overtake each other when the one ahead rushed into a car. Authorities pointed out that both the buses were driving in an unruly manner to overtake each other.

Police probe initiated

Reportedly, all injured people were immediately provided medical attention at a nearby hospital. Meanwhile, a probe into the accident has been initiated.

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