Mumbai News: Chaos At Panvel Railway Station After Platforms Get Renumbered Without Prior Notice

Mumbai: In an unexpected move, the Mumbai Division of Central Railway has swiftly altered the platform numbers in the suburban section of Panvel Station on Tuesday, leaving thousands of daily commuters in a state of inconvenience. Panvel, renowned as one of the busiest stations in Central Railways’ Mumbai Division with a daily footfall of approximately 2.5 lakh passengers, is a crucial junction connecting Thane, CSMT, and Goregaon through hundreds of suburban train services.

This platform number change, effective from Tuesday, October 3rd, comes as a result of yard remodeling work underway at the station. As part of this project, the old Platform 1 has been renumbered as Platform 3, while Platform 2 retains its original number. Furthermore, the former Platform 3 has been rebranded as Platform 1. Most notably, Platform 4 has been dismantled entirely to pave the way for two additional tracks dedicated to the freight corridor.

A senior officer  of Central Railway confirmed the developments, stating, “To accommodate the additional two tracks for the dedicated freight corridor, yard remodeling work at Panvel is currently in progress. As a consequence, one platform in the suburban section was dismantled on Tuesday, and the suburban platform numbers were reconfigured.”

Commuters Express Dissatisfaction

However, this sudden platform renumbering has led to chaos at Panvel Station, with commuters expressing their frustration at the lack of prior notice. Jayesh Shah, a 35-year-old regular commuter on CR’s Harbour line, remarked, “Chaos at Panvel as platforms renumbered without any notice. They renumbered the platforms without any prior notice.”

Mridula Jain, a 52-year-old frequent Harbour line commuter, added, “On Tuesday morning, when I arrived at the station, I was surprised to learn about the renumbering of the platforms in the suburban section. It’s very confusing. Before making such decisions, the railway should inform passengers well in advance.”

Details On Platform Number Change

Old Platform No. 1 will be changed to New Platform No.3

Old Platform No. 2 will be New Platform No. 02 (Unchanged)

Old Platform No 3 will be changed to New Platform No. 01

Old Platform No. 04 will be dismantle and surrendered.(No Platform)

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