Vijay Antony’s Interview On Suicidal Thoughts Resurfaces After 16-Year-Old Daughter Found Hanging

A heart-wrenching tragedy struck Tamil actor and music composer Vijay Antony after Meera, his 16-year-old daughter, took her own life in the early hours of Tuesday. Meera, a diligent Class 12 student at a prestigious private school in Chennai, was found hanging at her residence around 3 a.m. The authorities, in their search for answers, scoured her room, hoping to discover any traces of a farewell note. As per reports, the police and close family members revealed that Meera had been battling the clutches of depression, seeking solace in ongoing treatment.

An old of Vijay resurfaced amidst this somber event, where he spoke about his take on suicidal thoughts. He shared how everyone has different reasons but the youth is more naive and vulnerable. Most of them have these thoughts due to pressure and stress.

For those unfamiliar with Vijay’s personal history, he endured the loss of his father at the tender age of seven, who also died by suicide. 

Vijay Antony gained recognition for his work in the music industry, composing scores for several successful Tamil films. Some of his notable musical compositions include those for movies like “Naan” (2012), “Salim” (2014), and “Pichaikkaran” (2016).

In addition to his music career, Vijay Antony has also ventured into acting. He made his acting debut in the film “Naan” (2012), in which he played the lead role. Since then, he has appeared in various Tamil films, earning praise for his performances.

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