Manipuri Actress Soma Laishram Banned From Films, Events For 3 Years

Renowned Manipuri actress Soma Laishram found herself in a soup after she was banned from acting in films and attending social events for the next three years. The shocking decision was announced after the actress chose to be the showstopper at a beauty pageant during the North East Festival.

The North East Festival was organised by My Home India and the beauty pageant was held at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi on September 16, Saturday, wherein Laishram was seen taking the centre-stage.

However, her participation in the pageant at a time when her state Manipur is grappling with one of the worst human crisis in its history has not gone down well with the people pf the state and its people.

Soma Laishram banned

The Kangleipak Kanba Lup (KKL) has decided to ban Laishram from films and social events with immediate effect and the members condemned her for participating in the beauty pageant.

As per reports, the KKL as well as other Meitei compatriots had requested Laishram to not be a part of such festivities and celebrations amid the ongoing crisis back home, but the requests fell on deaf years.

In a joint statement, the Film Forum Manipur and the Film Actors Guild Manipur also mentioned that they too had reached out to Laishram, appealing her to back out of the beauty pageant in light of events in Manipur, but the actress chose to disregard them.

The KKL stated that her appearance at the beauty pageant was a “blatant defiance”, and that it is seen as disrespect to the memory of those who are suffering in Manipur and have lost their lives and livelihoods.

Laishram’s fans extend support

While Laishram has not yet issued an official statement, her fans have rallied by her side and have extended their support to the actress.

Laishram has been sharing all the messages received from her fans on her social media handle, in which she is being praised by voicing out the ongoing crisis in Manipur by representing the state on a national platform.

Meanwhile, while Laishram has been banned from working in films and events, the decree also stated that if individuals or groups are found associating with her despite the ban, then they will have to face dire consequences.

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