Special Session Of Parliament: PM Modi To Speak In Lok Sabha Today At 11 AM

New Delhi: With the special session of Parliament all set to begin from Monday (September 18), Prime Minister Narendra Modi will speak in the Lok Sabha during the special session at 11 am. The special session of Parliament has been called from September 18-22. This will be the 13th session of 17th Lok Sabha and 261st session of Rajya Sabha and will be held from Monday to Friday (18th to 22nd September) with 5 sittings.

New session of Parliament

A new session of Parliament is set to begin from Monday amid intense buzz on whether the government will have some surprise up its sleeve during the five-day sitting that will see a discussion on Parliament’s 75-year journey and take up for consideration four bills, including one on appointment of election commissioners. The special session is expected to take place in both the old and the new building. In what is seen as a precursor to shifting to the new building, Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar hoisted the national flag outside the new complex on Sunday morning.

Unusual timing of the session

The unusual timing of the session has left everyone wondering, even though the main standout feature on the listed agenda is a special discussion on Parliament’s journey of 75 years starting from the “Samvidhan Sabha” (Constituent Assembly). The government enjoys the prerogative of tabling in Parliament some new legislation or other items that might not have been part of the listed agenda.

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh had recently given vent to the sense in the opposition about the session, saying the government could be having some “legislative grenades” up its sleeve. Commenting on the listed agenda, he had said it “is much ado about nothing” and all this could have waited till the Winter Session in November. The government has also listed the bill on the appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner and other election commissioners to be taken up for consideration during the session.

The Bill was introduced in the Rajya Sabha during the last Monsoon session and has drawn protests from the opposition as it seeks to put service conditions of the chief election commissioner and two election commissioners on par with the cabinet secretary and not a Supreme Court judge, as is the case now. This is being seen as a devaluation of their stature.

Speculations and reports

Though there is no official word on any probable new legislation, there has been a view, including in the BJP circles, that a bill to ensure quota for women in elected legislatures like Lok Sabha and state assemblies may be tabled. That PM Modi has often highlighted, including in the recent G20 Summit, the growing role of women in different fields in the country has added to the buzz about such a bill. The shifting will also see a transition to new uniforms for the parliamentary staff; the new dress code with lotus motif for a section of staff has already kicked up a political row, with the Congress dubbing it as a “cheap” tactic to promote the ruling party’s poll symbol. The successful G20 Summit in the national capital under India’s presidency has added to Modi’s appeal and is to be a major talking point on the treasury benches.

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