Telangana: Man Steals Govt Bus From Siddipet, Collects Fare From Commuters & Abandons Vehicle Midway

A person, pretending to be a Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) driver, stole a bus from Siddipet bus station on Sunday night. He rode it, collected fares from passengers and fled midway when the bus ran out of fuel.

The hilarious incident

He drove the bus into a parking bay at the station, where he informed passengers that it would depart for Hyderabad on Monday morning. Several passengers headed to Hyderabad, boarded the bus, and he set off. When passengers inquired about the absence of a conductor, he assured them that one would join the bus later during the journey. However, passengers grew suspicious due to the driver’s erratic driving, prompting them to question his authenticity as an RTC driver.

Eventually, at Jillella Crossroad in Sircilla district, the bus swerved off the road and ran out of fuel. The impersonator stopped the bus on the roadside and quickly fled the scene before passengers could grasp the situation. TSRTC officials in Siddipet filed a complaint with the local police, who, with the help of passengers’ video and photo evidence, identified and apprehended the imposter.

The incident occurred when a TSRTC bus, originating in Sircilla and destined for Jubilee Bus Station, took a dinner break at Siddipet bus stand. During this break, an unknown person entered the bus and occupied the driver’s seat. With passengers already on board, he took control of the bus and drove recklessly. Upon returning to the bus bay, the RTC driver discovered that the vehicle, along with passengers, had gone missing and promptly alerted superiors. It was later discovered that the imposter had left the bus near Jillella Crossroad.

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