Maharashtra: Stones Pelted, Vehicles Torched As Protests Demanding Maratha Reservation Prevail In Jalna

Maharashtra: Fresh violence was reported in the Jalna district of Maharashtra on Saturday. Stones were pelted and vehicles were torched during protest by men demanding the Maratha Reservation in Jalna. Police dispersed the protesters using force. Visuals of the violence have surfaced on the internet.

This comes a day after a protest demanding Maratha reservation in the Jalna district of central Maharashtra turned violent on Friday, resulting in injuries to numerous individuals, including police officers. In the Antarwali Sarathi hamlet, located on the Dhule-Solapur route in Ambad tehsil, police used baton charges and teargas shells to disperse a disorderly crowd.

Some villagers also claimed that the police fired warning shots into the air, although authorities did not confirm this allegation.

Since Tuesday, a group of demonstrators led by Manoj Jarange has been conducting a hunger strike in the hamlet, advocating for Maratha community reservation.

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