Gujarat: 9 Cows Attack Woman By Pushing Her To The Ground In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: The incidents of stray cattle attack are on the rise in the country. In a shocking incident, a woman was attacked by a stray cows in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad. The incident was caught on camera. In the video it can be seen that the stray cows attacked the woman in broad daylight while she was going alone on the street in Ahmedabad. The cows kept on hitting the woman after pushing her to the ground. The woman cried for help and was rescued by the locals after some time.

Stray cattle attacks on the rise

People all over the country are under constant fear of attacks by stray cattles. They are appealing for relief from such incidents. In a similar incident a woman was injured after a stray cow attacked her near her hose in Naroda Navarang flat. The woman was taken to the hospital after facing serious injuries due to the attack from the stray cow. The video showed that one cow attacked the woman but in no time eight other cows joined it and tried to attack the woman.

Woman raised alarm

The woman raised an alarm and started shouting for help. Listening to the chaos, the locals came to the rescue and saved her. The locals rushed to the spot and scared away the cows that were attacking the woman. They attacked the cows with belt, sticks and stones. After the attack from the locals, the cows fled who were attacking the woman. The woman faced serious injuries and is receiving treatment in the hospital.

After the incident, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is facing ire from the people for failing to control the stray cattle menace, even after strict instructions from the High Court. The High Court, taking cognizance of the stray cattle menace in the district the court asked the authorities for compulsory registration of the cattle. The government announced guidelines to curb stray cattle menace in the state. It made it mandatory to confiscate the unregistered cattle. The menace of the stray cattle is on the rise in Ahmedabad.

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