Bengaluru: Burqa-Clad Muslim Woman Shamed, Abused And Molested For Roaming With Hindu Man; 1 Arrested

Bengaluru: In a shocking incident, a woman was harassed in the middle of the road in Karnataka’s Bengaluru for allegedly roaming with a Hindu man while wearing a burqa. The woman was filmed by an onlooker while she was roaming with the man. She asked the man not to film her to which the man said that he can do whatever he wanted to and nobody could order him. As per reports, the Muslim girl wearing burqa was shamed publicly and also abused and molested in broad daylight on a crowded road. The incident occurred in Govindapura area in Bengaluru.

Mob forced the woman to remove her burqa

The incident came to light after the video of an argument between the burqa-clad Muslim woman and the man filming her went viral on social media. It can be seen in the video that a woman was about to sit on a bike which was driven by a Hindu man and she noticed that a man was filming her from the other side of the road. She asked the man not to film her and then an argument broke out between them. The other people who were present on the spot also got involved in the argument and started to shame the burqa-clad Muslim woman.

Mob abused and molested the Muslim woman

The crowd that was present at the spot started to force the Muslim woman to remove the burqa that she was wearing. They asked the woman to remove the burqa and then go with the Hindu man. The mob started to abuse the woman and also said that she has shamed their religion. However, the Hindu man was not harmed or beaten by the mob during the argument.

Woman tried to escape but the crowd chased her

The woman tried to escape for the crowd, but the crowd followed the woman and forced her to remove her burqa before leaving. One of the person from the mob held her scooter while she was trying to leave. The man held her scooter and told her to first remove the burqa and then leave. The mob abused the woman in the middle of the road and in broad daylight.

One accused arrested

Police has registered an FIR on connection with the case after the video of the burqa-clad woman being harassed in the middle of the road went viral on social media. The FIR has been lodged at CEN Police Station, East Division. Police has initiated a probe and have started an inquiry of the viral video. The Police also said that one accused has been arrested in connection with the case. Further investigation is underway.

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