Rolls Royce-Truck Accident: ‘Vikas Malu Can’t Walk Properly

Gurugram: Kuber Group owner Vikas Malu faced a lethal accident on Tuesday (August 22) when his speeding Rolls Royce Phantom car hit a truck on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway near Gurugram. The truck driver and another person died and around four persons were injured in the accident. The injured persons also included the Kuber Group chairman Vikas Malu. Vikas Malu was rescued and admitted to a private hospital after the accident. He is receiving treatment at the hospital.

Vikas Malu was not in the driving seat

The lawyer of Vikas Malu, as per reports, said that the owner of the Kuber Group was not in the driving seat of the car when the accident occurred. He said that Vikas Malu was not in a condition to drive as he was already suffering from health problems and was struggling to even stand straight. Vikas Malu’s driver Tasbir was driving the car when the accident happened. Vikas Malu’s lawyer R K Thakur also said that he did not gave any instruction to the driver to drive slow or fast. However, driving too slow on a highway is more dangerous than driving fast, said R K Thakur.

Vikas Malu suffered elbow injuries

R K Thakur further said that Vikas Malu suffered an elbow injury during the accident and also he has suffered an injury to his spine, which needed treatment. He has been admitted to a private hospital in Gurugram after the accident. The Rolls Royce was cruising at a speed of around 230 Kmph when an oil tanker gave an indicator for taking U-turn on the highway. The car rammed into the oil tanker at a very high speed which resulted in the death of the truck driver and one other person in the truck. The car caught fire but Vikas Malu and other persons were rescued from the burning Rolls Royce on time.

2 dead, 4 injured in the accident

Vikas Malu was accompanied by a woman known to him and the driver were present in the car when the accident occured at the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. Vikas Malu’s lawyer refuted the claims that he was driving the car when the accident occurred. The police said that the statements of victims will be recorded once they recover. The police is investigating the reason behind the accident and also finding whether Vikas Malu was driving the car or not.

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