Dark till dawn…The Hukka parlour is running its business till morning 6am..Why is the Mumbai Police blind folded???

In Financial Capital of the country Mumbai we come across so many official claims of law and order situation to be under the grip and perfectly normal but ground realities are always very different…

Now another example of a question on its law and order is this lounge in Andheri East…it runs till 6am in morning with loud music and here loud music is not a problem only…here youngsters are served tobacco and drugs flavoured Hukka

Watch Exclusive Report:

White Forest named this Hukka joint is situated at 6th floor of Nirwan Corporate building which comes under MIDC police station jurisdiction. Local public has given the details to MumbaiPress team and MumbaiPress team reached at the spot to know abt the othenticity of the news…as mumbai Press team learnt that this Hukka joint opens up at 7 pm in evening but remains unattended till 1AM and the game opens up after 1Am in midnight and runs till early morning i.e. 6am in the morning actually it starts around 1am when other lounges and businesses close their shop the customers and other call centre youngsters go to White Forest Lounge. We in our operation found that this hukka lounge doesn’t have license from EXCIZE department to serve liquor and any Licence like Health and Fire department and owner has covered Fire Refuge area also and an open sitting lounge has been made over there where youngsters flock together and enjoy Hukka and drinks full night and this is not possible that Mumbai Police doesn’t have an idea of this joint…owner has arranged to fix a monitor of cctv near lift at sixth floor and every person who are coming and going are property looked into and if Police comes they are managed downstairs and the don’t enter main premises.

This way this joint safly operates and youngsters from medium to high class are pushed into darkness of Tobacco and drugs hukka along with heavy duty drinks..

Mumbai Press has a sting in which a hukka placed on a table is clearly seen…also a payment slip which tells the timing of the transaction at around 2:47 am. This sums up the entire story of the operation of white forest hukka joint.

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