Sikkim Man Brutally Thrashed, Called ‘Chinese’ In Bengaluru; Disturbing Visual Surfaces

Bengaluru: In a shocking incident of racist attack, a man from Sikkim was brutally thrashed, harassed and called as Chinese in Karnataka’s Bengaluru. The assailants attacked him when the man from Sikkim tried to explain to the miscreants that he was an Indian citizen from the northeast and not a chinese citizen. As per reports, three bike-borne assailants attacked the man in Bengaluru and brutally thrashed and left him unconscious on the road. The incident occurred in Electronic City in Bengaluru.

The victim was attacked by bike-borne assailants

The victim has been identified as Dinesh Subba who hails from Rinchenpong town in Sikkim. The victim was attacked by bike-borne assailants in the late hours of the night at around 3 AM. Dinesh Subba was returning to his house after attending a party with his friends when around three assailants started to harass him and call him Chinese. They also hit him on his head with their hand. As per reports from TOI, Subba shouted at the assailants and asked them to stop calling him Chinese and leave.

Attack with rod and sticks

The assailants left at that time, but after some time somebody hit Subba from behind after which he fell to the ground. After that, the assailants started to hit him with rods and sticks. Subba also said that the people who were assaulting him were the same ones who were harassing him by calling him Chinese. Subba said that he fell unconscious in front of a supermarket. On gaining consciousness he found that he was shirtless and was bleeding. He also said that there was a bag with him which was also missing from the spot.

Video doing rounds on social media

A video of Dinesh Subba bleeding shirtless on the road is doing rounds on social media. A police officer can also be seen in the video taking video of Subba who is soaked in blood. The blood can also be seen spilled all over the footpath. An FIR has been registered against three miscreants in connection with the case. Police has initiated probe and the assailants will be caught soon.

The police is also investigating CCTV cameras in the area. However, no arrest has been made so far. Dinesh Subba was taken to a nearby hospital where he received treatment to his injuries.

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