Bank of Baroda Security Guard Shoots Neighbours After Argument Over Pet Dogs’ Fight In Indore; 2 Killed, 6 Injured

Indore: In a bizarre and tragic incident, a fight between two dogs snowballed into a conflict between dog owners leading to death of two people and injuring six others as one of the dog owners – who is a guard – went home and brought a gun and opened fire in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore. Police said that Rajpal, a guard at the Bank of Baroda, used his service gun to fire shots. The accused guard has been arrested and his service weapon has also been seized, said police.

According to police, the whole incident unfolded after fight broke out between dogs of two neighbours soon after the neighbours took the dogs out for a walk. The other neighbours interferred to ensure that the fight doesn’t turn serious. However, the conflict turned serious and owner of one of the dogs involved in fight, who is a guard with the Bank Of Baroda, went to his house, and fired shots using service gun from the first floor of his house, as can be seen in the video. The accused has been identified as Rajpal Rajawat, said police. The security guard first fired two shots in the air and then fired one towards where the people where standing down. It was a double barreled gun with .12 bore which was used by the guard for service.

Among the casualties are neighbours who had intervened to resolve the fight. Six people sustained injuries and two succumbed to bullet injuries. The deceased have been identified as Vimal and Rahul.

Police ruled out any previous rivalry or enmity between the accused and the deceased and said that the fight broke out spontaneously before taking an ugly turn.

“A man was walking his dog and his dog fought with his neighbour’s dog and this led to scuffle between the owners, some people gathered there due to the fight. The man suddenly went to his house and brought a gun and opened fire. Two people were killed and six are undergoing treatment. The man was arrested and further probe is underway,” said Amrendra Singh, ADCP.

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