Wild Bear Runs Amock On Streets Of Telangana’s Karimnagar; Captured And Released In Forest

A wild bear was spotted in Telangana’s Karimnagar on Saturday morning, sparking panic among citizens. The animal, having made its way from the Sripuram locality late Friday night, ventured into the Rekurthi area as the sun rose.

CCTV cameras in the Sripura colony managed to catch the bear’s movements. Once it reached Rekurthi, residents took videos of the bear running amock. In one of the videos posted on X, the bear can be seen running away from men holding sticks in their hands and chasing them. 

Soon after the locals informed the authority, forest officials reached the scene and launched an operation to capture the bear. As per news reports, they administered a tranquillizer dart to the bear and after sometimes, the bear sought refuge on nearby hillocks, eventually succumbing to the tranquillizing effects. After this, forest officials moved the bear into a rescue van, destined for a new life within the protective embrace of the Mahadevpur forest region.

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