Plastic Ban: Use a cloth bag, otherwise pay five thousand; In Mumbai, hawkers and consumers will also be fined

Mumbai: If you use a plastic bag after August 15, a fine of Rs 5,000 will be imposed in Mumbai. In this, action will be taken against the shopkeepers selling plastic bags along with hawkers and consumers. A separate team of three municipal officers, one police officer and an officer of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board will be appointed for this. In Mumbai, it has often been noticed that the water is overflowing due to plastic waste. In case of over-cultivation in Mumbai, waterlogging often occurs in low-lying areas. Due to the plastic waste getting stuck in the water channels, manholes, it is observed that the water is overflowing in many places. Due to this, anti-plastic action has been intensified.

Flood situation due to plastic waste getting stuck in drains, sewers

Meanwhile, non-degradable waste generated from plastic has an adverse effect on marine and wildlife as well as human health. Plastic waste gets stuck in drains and sewers, causing flooding. Therefore, the state and central governments have tightened restrictions on the use of plastic. In 2018, the state government decided to ban plastic in Maharashtra from the point of view that the balance of the environment should be maintained and pollution should be reduced. After the central government also decided to ban plastic, the state government banned single-use items in July.

Ban on single use plastic items

Plastic carry bags, Polythene (thickness less than 75 microns), Plastic sticks used for balloons, Candy sticks, Thermocol (Polystyrene), Plastic plates, Plastic cups, Plastic glasses, Spoons, Knives, Straws, Trays, Plastic paper for sweets boxes, Invitation cards, cigarette packets, plastic or PVC banners below 100 microns, stirrers (sugar or other grain products) The amount of plastic in daily waste is significant. Degradation of these wastes is practically not possible. Garbage depots, these wastes are thrown into the sea. As it cannot be recycled, it is burnt at night. Hence the pollution is on a large scale. That is why this big decision has been taken

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