Maharashtra: Tiger Dies After Being Hit By Car In Nagzira Sanctuary

A heartbreaking video of a tiger allegedly hit by a car in Maharashtra’s Nagzira Sanctuary surfaced online on Friday. 

An officer named Parveen Kaswan from the Indian Forest Service (IFS) posted a video online. In the video, the tiger can be seen to have been hit by the white-coloured XUV. The tiger seems to have a hard time on the road, and the car with blinking emergency lights is stopped nearby. The tiger, which is seriously hurt, tries to move towards the forest, but it’s walking with a limp. As per news reports, the tiger later succumbed to its injuries.

“Dear friends Wildlife has first right of way in #wildlife habitats. So always travel safely & slowly. This tiger hit by vehicle at Nagzira,” Kaswan posted on X.

Soon after the video went viral on social media platform X, netizens started reacting to it.

@MeerajKhalid simply wrote “Heartbreaking “

Angry to see the tiger in such a condition, @Sumit10790358 said, “Arrest the person.”

@ishivamkahar wrote, “Absolutely, wildlife deserves our utmost respect and protection. Let’s remember to drive cautiously in wildlife habitats to ensure their safety and well-being. It’s sad to hear about the tiger incident at Nagzira, highlighting the importance of responsible travel.”

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