‘Kya Paramatama Hai PM?’: Mallikarjun Kharge Reacts On Narendra Modi’s Likely Parliament Address On Manipur Violence Today

New Delhi: Rajya Sabha was adjourned till 2 pm on Thursday amid stalemate over Opposition’s demand for discussion under Rule 167 on the Manipur violence and remarks of Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge pertaining to presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the debate.

Kharge Reacts On Narendra Modi’s Presence In Parl

Kharge urged chair to allow discussion on Manipur under Rule 167 and sought presence of PM Modi. As ruling members objected, he hit out at them. “Pradhan Mantri ke aane se kya hone wala hai, kya parmatma hai woh? Yeh koi bhagwan nahi hai (What will happen if PM Modi comes, is he God. He is not God).” he said.

House adjourned till 2 pm

Amid the stalemate, Rajya Sabha Chairman adjourned the House till 2 pm. The House earlier saw opposition and treasury benches members blaming each other for logjam in the House over demand for discussion on Manipur situation.

The Chairman rejected notices received for discussion on Manipur situation under Rule 267.

Referring to Opposition members and treasury benches, he said the two sides have taken a rigid stand and asked if there can be meeting of minds. He sought views of Kharge and the Leader of House Piyush Goyal.

The House has been seeing a stalemate over opposition’s demand for discussion on Manipur under Rule 267 and presence of PM Modi. The government has said it is willing for a detailed discussion under Rule 176. 

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