Jharkhand Crime: Restaurant Operator Roshan Kumar Shot Dead In Ramgarh In Full Public View

A shocking CCTV footage of the murder of a restaurant operator in Jharkhand’s Ramgarh area has surfaced on social media and Twitter. The video shows the brazen attitude and fearlessness among miscreants as the assailant shot at the restaurant operator, resulting in the latter’s death. Mahi restaurant operator Roshan Kumar of Ramgarh was attacked on Tuesday (August 8).

Firing in public view

The CCTV footage shows the assailant reaching outside the restaurant and firing at the restaurant’s operator. “In Jharkhand, the murder of Roshan Kumar, the operator of Mahi restaurant, Belgaum, Ramgarh, was captured in CCTV,” said a user and shared the video.

The video shows show a man casually walks up to the operator who is standing outside the restuarant. The operator who was shot dead is seen talking to a person in the CCTV footage that has emerged.

Man walks up to operator and shoots him in broad-daylight

The man who the restaurant operator is seen talking to is seated on a bike. At this point, there is nothing suspicious to suggest. However, a man walks up casually with a cloth around his body and hand, as if hiding something. As soon as he reached the spot where the operator is standing, he opens fire with a pistol. He fires repeated shots at the operator.

The man who was on bike and was talking to the restuarant operator is shocked as the first gunshot is fired. However, he gains strength and immediately runs behind the person who fired the shot. He chases the assailant who shot fire.

Shooter runs away after firing shots

The restaurant operator falls down immediately. A boy is seen coming out of the restaurant to check what happened and is shocked to see the operator of the restaurant shot dead.

The restaurant operator was rushed to Sadar restaurant and succumbed to his injuries. Police reached the spot after receiving information and started checking the CCTV footage from the restaurant, from which the clip of shooting emerged. A case has been filed and investigation is underway.

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