Himachal Pradesh: 2 Killed After Speeding Truck Overturns On Several Cars In Shimla

A tragic accident took place in Himachal Pradesh’s Shimla district on Wednesday as a speeding truck overtuned while taking a sharp turn on the highway and crashed into 4-5 cars lined up on the side of the road.

The accident took place on Theog-Chhaila highway and resulted in the death of two people while 4 people sustained injuries.

The driver lost control of the truck which led to the crash.

The video also shows a passenger in a hatchback rushing out of the car after it was hit by the truck while the driver of the vehicle climbs out of the window.

Incidentally, Shimla police were also present at the spot to regulate traffic movement when suddenly the truck appeared and crashed into the cars.

A video of the incident is going viral on social media which shows the speeding truck overturning on his left side while trying to take a sharp right turn before hitting other cars parked on the left side of the road.

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