‘Baith Neeche…Tumhari Aukaat Main Nikalunga’: Union Minister Narayan Rane During Heated Exchange With Sena UBT MP Arvind Sawant In Parliament

Amidst the no-confidence motion discussions related to Manipur in the Lok Sabha, heated arguments unfolded between the ruling and opposing parties. Speaking specifically about Manipur today, prominent voices including Shrikant Shinde from the Shiv Sena, Arvind Sawant from the Thackeray camp, and Central Minister Narayan Rane from the BJP took the podium. During his speech, Shrikant Shinde took several potshots at the MVA alliance in Maharashtra. Arvind Sawant South Mumbai MP, in response, called the Eknath Shinde group ‘coward’ for running away.

Union Minister for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Narayan Rane, angered by Sawant’s criticism of Shinde’s Shiv Sena and PM Modi, lost his cool and used harsh language against the Shiv Sena MP.

Minister Narayan Rane remarked that during the speeches on the no-confidence motion, he has been hearing several speeches. However, while listening to Arvind Sawant’s speech, Rane said he felt as if he was in Maharashtra’s Legislative Assembly rather than the Parliament House in Delhi

Arvind Sawant had aggressively responded to Shrikant Shinde on the no-confidence motion. Sawant, while speaking, touched upon the issue of Hindutva. Narayan Rane, in response, raised a question: “If there was so much affection for Hindutva, why did it not become a concern when he allied with Sharad Pawar in 2019?”

Rane loses cool, points out Sawant’s ‘aukaat’

Continuing, Rane said, “While he speaks about Hindutva and the true Shiv Sena, when did Arvind Sawant join the party? I am a Shiv Sainik from 1966.”

As Sawant stood up to protest Rane’s remark, Rane angrily told him, “Baith neechee… Baith Neeche… (Sit Down)” even as the Speaker Rajendra Agarwal urged Rane to not make personal remarks and address the Chair

“Will he teach me about Shiv Sena? When I left the party, 220 people led an agitation. Now there is no political power left with their party. The voice you hear is not of a tiger but of a cat.”

Transgressing the civility of parliament, Rane reminded Sawant of the latter’s Aukaat (status), and warned him not to comment about PM Modi and HM Amit Shah.

“Now there’s nothing left in them, they only have strays. The roar of the tiger is lost, it’s only cat meowing currently. They do not have any right, status to comment on our Prime Minister. They need to worry only about their presence in Maharashtra and till when they can avoid drowning. If they dare to even raise a finger on PM Modiji and Home Minister Amit Shahji, I will show them their asli aukaat (real status),” Rane said.

As Rane’s comments caused uproar in the opposition benches, the Speaker of the house warned Rane to refrain from making ‘personal comments’.

Sena UBT fumes on Rane’s comments

Soon after Rane’s outburst in Lok Sabha, several Shiv Sena UBT leaders took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to condemn the language used by the BJP Minister.

Priyanka Chaturvedi, a Rajya Sabha MP from Shiv Sena (UBT), said Rane’s behaviour shows how low this government can go.

“This man is a minister. Here he is seen displaying the standard of this government and how low it can go,” Chaturvedi wrote.

AAP slams BJP, Rane

The Aam Aadmi Party also hit out at the comments made by Rane and questioned whether he’ll be suspended for using derogatory language.

“Modi ji’s minister Narayan Rane is threatening like a street goon in the Parliament. The MP of the opposition is immediately suspended for asking questions to the Modi government. Will the BJP minister be suspended for using indecent language?” the AAP asked.

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