Mexico Bus Crash: 6 Indians Onboard Vehicle That Plunged Off Ravine Killing 17 Passengers

Mexico: A devastating accident occurred in western Mexico on Thursday when a passenger bus belonging to the Elite passenger line veered off the highway and plunged into a deep ravine near Barranca Blanca, outside the state capital epic. The incident resulted in the tragic loss of at least 17 lives, including three children, with 22 others suffering injuries.

The authorities have stated that the injured passengers are currently in stable condition, but the rescue operation was exceptionally challenging due to the ravine’s depth, approximately 50 metres (164 ft).

Six Indians Were On The Ill-Fated Bus

The exact reason of what caused the bus to leave the road and plunge into the ravine remains unclear. Jorge Benito Rodriguez, the security and civil protection secretary for Nayarit state, expressed the difficulties faced during the rescue mission.

The accident caused 14 adults and three children to lose their lives, confirmed the official. Amid the devastating toll, it was revealed that six Indian citizens were among the passengers aboard the ill-fated bus.

No Response From Bus Company Involved In Crash

As investigations into the cause of this recent tragedy are likely to ensue, there has been no immediate response from the bus company or Mexico’s migration institute.

Recent History of Bus Accidents

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Mexico has witnessed such devastating bus accidents. Just last month, 29 people lost their lives in a bus crash in the southern state of Oaxaca, leaving the nation in morning.

In February, another tragic incident occurred when a bus carrying migrants from South and Central America crashed in central Mexico, claiming 17 lives.

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