Kerala: Bike Hits 2 Girl Students Crossing Road In Muvattupuzha; One Dead

Two girl students crossing a road in front of their college in Muvattupuzha, Kerala were badly hit by a bike, leaving one dead and another injured. The road accident was reported on Wednesday near the Nirmala College of the said area when an allegedly over-speeding two-wheeler crashed into the college students.

The deceased was identified as R Namitha, while the one who saw a narrow escape from death was Anusree Raj. Local reports also named the bike rider while stating that 22-year-old Anson Roy suffered injuries. The chilling incident that cost the life of a 20-year-old girl was recorded on a CCTV camera and the footage has surfaced online.

The nail-biting video opens with the duo, dressed in uniform, coming out of the educational institution and waiting to cross the roadway. After a couple of cars pass through, they see a clear route and rush to cross the road. Unfortunately, a bike hits them. The video captures other college students on the site immediately running to the accident site to look into the matter and help the girls.

Police take note of biker

It has been reported that Namitha was rushed to the hospital but her life couldn’t be saved; her friend suffered head injuries due to a heavy fall. Police told the media that biker Anson has previous case records.

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