Kanpur News: Inspired By ‘Krrish’ Movie, Class 3 Student Jumps Off 1st Floor Of School Building, Suffers Serious Injuries.

Kanpur: A shocking incident unfolded at Dr. Virendra Swaroop Education School in Kanpur, where an eight-year-old Class 3 student attempted to imitate a daring stunt from the popular Bollywood movie, Krrish. The student, hailing from Anil Colony in the Babu Purva neighbourhood and the son of a drug manufacturer, jumped from the first floor railing during school hours. He was seriously injured and rushed to a private hospital. The Incident was caught on the school’s CCTV.

On Wednesday, during school hours, the young student decided to replicate the stunts performed by Hrithik Roshan’s character in the movie Krrish. Encouraged by the superhero’s ability to land safely on his feet after jumping from heights, the student planned to perform a similar feat. He left his classroom under the pretence of getting water, reportedly accompanied by a group of his curious classmates.

The Tragic Leap

Upon reaching the first-floor railing, approximately 15 feet above the ground, the student boldly attempted the dangerous leap. Unfortunately, the young boy suffered severe injuries to his nose, legs and hands upon landing. The other students, realising the risk of the situation immediately returned to their classrooms.

CCTV Footage Reveals the Chilling Incident

The entire tragic incident was captured by the school’s CCTV cameras. The footage not only shows the student making the fateful jump but also reveals that he was alone in his decision to take such a dangerous risk. The injured student disclosed to his mother that he admired Krrish as a superhero and aspired to perform heroic stunts just like him. Though some of his classmates were present when he made the decision, they did not force him into it, as confirmed by Principal Nandita Mali.

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