THIS European Country Offers Study, Work Opportunities To Indian Students

When making the decision on where and what to study many factors are taken into account, and employability is often the king among them. This is even more true when a student considers studying abroad. In this regard, there is good news from Spain as the Spanish legislation offers ample legal avenues for students to find jobs in the country. 

Spain has always been a preferred destination for international students. It is among the 10 countries welcoming the highest number of international students, thanks to its world-class universities in fields such as medicine, engineering, or commerce, and to flexible national legislation. 

Can I work in Spain as a student?

International students have two distinct periods when they can try to find a job in Spain. Before completing their studies, under a student visa, and after finishing their studies, with a job search visa. Spanish student visas allow foreign students to work for up to 20 hours a week. Students can get a part-time job and once they have completed their studies, they can ask their employer to give them a full-time job, which will enable them to initiate the work permit application process required to work in Spain. 

Other opportunities in Spain

In addition to this, Spanish law offers more opportunities: for example, foreign students can ask for a job search visa. This visa allows them to remain in Spain for a whole year while they look for a job or they start their own business. This visa can be requested 90 days before the expiration of the student visa or up to 90 days after. Students need to consider that they won’t be able to work under this visa. Once they have found employment, they must undergo the work permit application process to be allowed to work in Spain. 

All in all, Spain offers great opportunities for international students. Not only does it provide an education of utmost European quality thanks to its world-class universities, but it also provides aspiring students with the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and remain in Spain if they so wish.

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