Mumbai’s Property Sales Decline By Over 6% Year-On-Year

Year-on-year biannual data of property registrations done in Mumbai shows a 6.39% decline. In 2022, between January and June, a total of 66,760 agreements for sale were registered with the Department of Registration and Stamps. On the other hand, during the first six months of 2023, which is up to June 30, 62,492 agreements for sale were registered.

In June 2023, a total of 10,319 property sale agreements were registered, as per data available from the state government. The previous June, 9,919 agreements for sale were registered in Mumbai.

Brokers, and consultants remain upbeat

Despite the decline in property registrations, real estate consultants and brokerage firms continue to be upbeat. They have been terming the recent sale of properties as a “bull run” of sorts and it being at an all-time high. However, a look at the 2023 property registration data shows a contradicting picture.

“Those who are into marketing and sale of properties will always try to portray a rosy picture of the industry, because their agenda is simple – to push more sales for their company to maintain a growth trajectory,” said an industry player in confidence.

“If the market is too buoyant and the demand as projected by the real estate consultancy firms, why for years is there stagnancy in the property prices?” questioned the same individual.

“Price of a product or service is directly dependent on the interaction between demand and supply. With such a heightened demand, the property prices should have increased month-on-month, but that is not the case despite the inflationary pressures that the Reserve Bank of India’s Governor himself has been categorically pointing out, repeatedly.”

Inflation, increase in home loan interest rates have hit market

Overall, in the recent past, the real estate market has witnessed a few headwinds impacting the sale such as inflationary pressure, increase in home loan interest rates, higher stamp duty rate, layoffs, etc.

At every repo rate or interest rate hike announced by the RBI, it is widely known that the real estate industry stalwarts have been presenting itself as upset and coming up with statements that it will impact property sales. Yet, within a few days, they contradict their own statements by mentioning the sales continue to be robust and at an all-time high.

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